Sunday, November 29, 2009

More witches.

It's a tradition to go to witches night with my mom, sister and her family but they couldn't go that night. We barely squeezed it in before Halloween but we made it. Here are a few more pictures of my family at Gardners Village. I made Katelyn and Anna matching skirts. I have to admit they were soooo cute. I had people ask me wear I bought them! I told them I made them and they asked if I made them for people. I said no, then Katelyn came up to me and told me I should have said yes. I could have made a lot of money. Let me just start another little project in all of my spare time. Ya Right. The pictures don't do the skirts justice. They were all glittery and sparkly. Perfect for Halloween.

Chase wanted to dress-up to. Can you tell what he went as? A mighty hunter of course.

I love this picture of my Mom and Anna. I wish my sister would just hand her over. We would have so much fun. I'm her favorite Aunt. He, He.

Witches at Gardners Village

Katelyn and Allison met up with two more cute little sister witches, Kristen and Shayla.

I had to take a picture of some of the people who wanted to know if they worked there. They wanted to take their picture. So funny.

The girls got their make-up done and the costume was complete.

Every year we go to the witches at Gardners Village. We have such a good time eating fudge and shopping in all the little stores. It is the cutest place all decorated with Halloween fun. This year for witches night Katelyn and her friend Allison dressed up. The weather was sunny and beautiful. It was so funny because people thought they worked there they looked so cute. Diffrent people would stop them and ask if they could take their picture. It was starting to get old, when this Grandpa asked if the could take their picture with his Grandson. They said sure and he called over the cutest boy their age. Both girls faces lit up. It was priceless.