Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Witches Night Out

Cutest fall decorations
Two little witches who just got their nails done. Katelyn payed for hers with her own hard earned money

I made the skirt. Yes, I really did. Thanks to my sister in-law Jessica for showing me how. It was so easy.

I think Anna my niece was supposed to be mine! Chase was her little pal. He kept giving her hugs and kisses. It was so cute.

She looks just like my sister did when she was her age. Isn't she beautiful.

We love going every fall.

My mom is in the middle incase you can't tell. She looks so good. My sister is going to have her fourth baby the first part of December (hopefully not on my anniversary). (hint hint) She looks so good. She doesn't even look prego.
Katelyn took this picture. She is getting really good. I didn't even help her.

This is Mason (top) and Carter (bottom) they are the cutest boys. They love coming to my house to stay and I love it when they come. I was so excited to see both Carters eyes open in this picture. Usually he is the one eyed pirate. he he

Katelyn and her friend Kristin were asked by some people if they could have their pictures taken with them. They thought they worked there. Thats a pretty good compliment since this witch really does work there. How cool is she.

Chase jumped up on this rock struck a pose and told me to take the picture. He was right it turned out so cute.

It's a tradition in our family to go to Witches Night Out every year in October. I love this place. The atmosphere just ushers in fall for us. It's decorated so cute with all life size witches hanging around everywhere. Some our literally hanging around in mid air. There is good food, games, a petting zoo and of course shopping, but the funnest part is being with family. Don't even think about going unless you dress up. See you next year.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Disneyland Oct. 16-19, 2008

Disneyland Halloween Style

Look at all the people. I wouldn't suggest going over fall break.

We love the churros Chase could eat them by the bucket full.
Katelyn was such a big help with the kiddies getting on and off the trolley. What a ride.

The characters were even dressed in their halloween costumes.
Everything was decorated so darn cute.
We are so glad Grandma Julie went we had lots of laughs.
The Haunted Mansion was decorated in the Nightmare Before Christmas
It even smelled like gingerbread inside

Emma was chosen as the sea princess

Even the eating places were in the Halloween spirit. This place had the best soup and salads.

Candy corns were everywhere even in the trees.

We decided to drive down to Disneyland over fall break. Grandma Julie, Aunt Julie, Gunner, Emma, Baby Ellie, Aunt Abbie, Sidney, Cade, Molly, Katelyn, Chase and I all lost our minds when we decided to go over this weekend. We had a great time but when you wait in line to go on Splash Mountain (for 90 minutes) when you get ready to get on the ride and your son says he is to scared to go. You tend to go a little nutty. Oh well. It was a kids vacation after all. I did feel like the disneyland nazi. We got to the park early and we didn't leave until the park closed. Oh yes we were going to enjoy every minute. I hope all our family is rested up because I've never seen Disneyland decorated for Christmas. Do I have any takers?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twilight Movie

I can't wait for Twilight the movie. I'm on the countdown November 21, 2008. I'm so EXCITED.

Sox Baseball

Sox Baseball. Wow! What a team. Here are a few pictures of our boys. If you live where we do baseball is serious stuff MAN!!!