Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Big Party

I wanted Chases 8th birthday party to be extra special and perfect. I started it off by making the cutest birthday invitations online. They didn't get here in time. They are still not here. Then I stayed up until one in the morning baking and designing his cake. It took me four hours and I loved how it turned out. I have to say it was so cute. Well, after I got up early to make Chase breakfast in bed, (which he didn't receive in bed because he got up so darn early), I went to pick up some things for the party. When I got home the four hour cake had been messed with. Yes, the birthday boy took off the cover I had on it which knocked off the cowboy and the top of the icing then he put it back on. Not in the same place so there was a big hole. I didn't even get a picture of it before the accident. I fixed it the best I could and then took the pictures before anything else happened to it. Then when Chase was opening presents I couldn't find Dan so I ran around trying to find him. I finally called him on his cell phone and he was outside. When I got back to the living room I missed Chase opening his presents from our family. I swear it was one thing that went wrong after the next. I guess it was just one of those days. C'est la Vie (that's life.) The boys didn't care and everyone had a great time. They played some games, won some prizes, opened presents, ate cake, played wuffel ball and then we took all 15 kids home. That wasn't counting adults. I was totally exhausted. I'm still recovering. Chase had a great day thanks to all his friends who were able to come. Chase made this birthday unforgettable for me. I will always remember. The four hour cake disaster. I love you Chase and I hope you think your 8th birthday was extra special.The picture with Chase, Katelyn and I sums the day up. Wild! Happy Birthday.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chases Big 8 Birthday

Chase 8 years ago I became a mother for the second time and you filled my heart with such love and joy. My prayers were answered and I was able to have another beautiful child. You will never know how happy you made me. We didn't think we would be able to have another child and we had our adoption papers turned in. I had a feeling there was a little boy waiting to come to our family. I couldn't explain it to the social worker on our case but it was an overwelming feeling. Two months went by and we found out I was expecting. Four months later we found out it was going to be a boy. You were strong and healthy and I was deathly sick everyday for nine months. I wouldn't have traded that for anything.

We had you home for less then 24 hours when you had to go back into the hospital because you had an infection and had a soaring fever. After one agonizing week driving back and fourth to the hospital everyday to be with you and help you recover we were able to take you home on July 24, 2001. You never required very much sleep and were off and running by 7 months old and still haven't stopped.

The top ten things I love about Chase:

1. His love of life.

2. His laughter and cute little voice always telling me he loves me.

3. His excitement for sports.

4. His love for his sister.

5. His kindness to everyone and his ability to make friends easily.

6. His energy.

7. His loyalty.

8. His love for Christmas.

9. His lovable nature. Yet always keeps you on your feet.

But my very favorite.
10. He is my little snuggle buddy. He loves to snuggle. No matter who he sleeps with. Sister, Cousins, Mom and Dad he is right next to you snuggled in for the whole night. You don't get much sleep but I wouldn't change that about you for anything. You make me so proud and I love you so very much. Thanks for making my life so rewarding.

Happy Birthday Chase. We love you.

Circleville 4th of July

Did you know the famous Butch Cassidy grew up in Circleville. He did and it was so fun for the kids to walk around his place and feel the outlaw spirit. Katelyn went to peek inside the house and was suprised to see a bat flying at her. She yelled like a girl and all of them ran from the house. The rest of us were laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our faces.

Uncle Roger and his shiny, "just like new (Paint) tractor".

Chase won his race but it was close. The rest were far behind. Run Chase Run.

My moms old highschool. I loved it for pictures. It was like stepping back in time.

Katelyn had about had it with me taking pictures. It doesn't show does it. he he. Here is Delberts store. He was always a colorful, old man.

These store fronts are in someone's back yard. It looks just like an old western. They are really little buildings that hold antiques and are used for what they say on the front. I had a great time driving the kids crazy around this place. Chase belined it outta there but Katelyn stayed, bless her little heart.

My little anna she is "Pretty as a Princess".

The Circleville 4th of July. There is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart when I round the bend and drive into Circleville. All my wonderful, childhood memories come flooding back. Like the time we would catch tadpoles and frogs from the big pond, swimming down the canal and jumping in from a rope swing, riding horses, running races and the time Cousin Tim put me on a cow to ride. I could go on and on. It was so fun for me to take my kids back and show them where I spent my summers. Circleville is magical for me and it hasn't changed a bit. Thank you Aunt Bev for bringing us all back and putting on such a fantastic reunion. There was only two things missing Nana and Poppy (my grandparents), but I can still feel them there. My heart was filled with Joy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our New Colt Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire. Katelyn named our new little colt. He is so darn cute. Funny story- you see Dan thought Ginger (the mother) was not feeling well and was so bloated he thought she had some illness. When he was in Europe he received a text that said, "I looked out the window and before you had five horses now you have six." Surprise! Ginger was expecting. I guess a stud had gotten lose and jumped the fence. So now we have another pet. Great. If Katelyn had her way we would be living on a farm.

This is Katelyn and her horse Moonlight Whisper. Moonlight is such a beautiful horse but she is still a little green. Katelyns dream would be to ride Moonlight Whisper in the fiesta days rodeo as the rodeo queen. Ya never know it might happen. Keep on dreamin.

Katelyn The Softball Player

Katelyn loves softball and she takes it really seriously. She puts on her mean, get down to business face and strikes girls out. YES. She wants to find an excellerated team she can play on. She was so sad when the season ended. Dad, Chase and I had a great time watching you play.

I told Katelyn she needed to slide when the play was at home, or the ump would call her out. She said "mom it wasn't even close." So I showed her this picture. Ha Ha ha ha Mom's are always right.

Making it home on another hit.