Sunday, September 7, 2008

Following Family Traditions

Off to the Rodeo
Dan dreams of being a Buckin Bull rider.
Precious Alivia (she didn't get it from her dad.)
Fire Breathing Dragon
Around and around we

MaKenzie was a great sport Katelyn kept dragging her on all these rides that gave poor kenzie motion sickness.
Sidney and I laughed so hard I could not catch my breath, let alone keep my head up.
Chase flying high.
Jens on the down low.

We love Anna she loves us.
Mime stayed with us for part of the summer. It was a fun adventure.
What would we do without cousins!

Family Time
Yummy, Yummy for my tummy.
Ellie we love those cheeks.
Averi and Gracie

This is a big family tradition. We love to spend time at Great Grandmas house, running races, visiting with relatives, eating yummy treats,(everyone is a fabulous cook), homemade rootbeer, carnival, big time rodeo and to finish off the day, fireworks of course.

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