Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Presidents Day Weekend

Following the sun. It's always nice to get away when it's cold and snowy. Boy did we have fun. We swam, rode motorcycles, swam, shopped, swam, ate, swam, ran in a marathon (OK not me.) did I mention we went swimming? If you have never shopped at Design Theory you are missing out. It is the coolest store ever. A girl I went to high school with opened it and I LOVE IT. IT'S AWESOME, and the prices are really good.

I LOVE THIS TABLE. I wish Dan would suprise me and buy it to put in my basement. (HINT, HINT).

I told myself no on these shoes. Now that I'm home I wish I would have bought them. Oh well at least I have a picture.

Chicken fight. Katelyn won. Sorry Hailey maybe next time.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of cute little Olivia's bum. We had the greatest time swimming, and swimming and swimming.

This is Kelly

This is Heidi

and this is also another Heidi. (My close friend) They are Crazy.
They ran in a 12 mile marathon and beat their time. I just have one word WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe one day I can be that in shape. YOU GO GIRLS.
My friend Heidi crossing the finish line and NOT PUKING. I'm so proud. We had two big, yummy, chocolate chip cookies waiting for her at the FINISH LINE.

The view and two, tiny, little girlies who jumped in the picture.

Chase's christmas present. He only crashed once. My heart stopped beating. I don't know if I can handle my baby and the motorcycle. Please never grow up.

Fun, fun following the sun.


jenae nae said...

ok- where is that store- i am going tomorrow???

ALLI J said...

I love that store and I am with you I want Mark to surprise me with that table! There is a store right by my house that looks just like that. It is called Designer Blvd. You need to come visit and we could do some damage!!