Friday, April 10, 2009

Abbies Easter Egg Hunt

The big easter egg hunt. It was crazy. 1,592 easter eggs covered Abbie's lawn. They were everywhere you looked. In the fence, on the ground, on the swings. Everywhere. Abbie it was so much fun the kids had a great time. You out did yourself. Basketfulls of candy, prizes and MONEY. I guess the Easter Bunny doesn't need to come now.


Alli said...

How FUN!! She did out do her self. I can't even imagine stuffing that many eggs. Hope you have a Happy Easter.

Andee said...

I'm sad. This was the first year my kids didn't do an Easter egg hunt :( I will have to make up for it next year. As far as pictures go...yes, you may have to bribe the kiddo's! I had to give Avery a Barbie doll to let me take her pictures in her princess dressups! Oh the things we do to get the shot right! Thanks for checking out my blog. I never know if anyone is really looking :)

Claudissima said...

hey now that is a serious egg hunt....we usually go to a park around the beach that I think they spread at least 3000 eggs, but it is kind of hilly....and by the time I park the car, its over....they start right at 8 am......every year, I keep saying we will get there by 7 thirty....yeah.....I don't have a computer available all the time, so I did this morning, wanted to check on you. hope you are doing well....hey when is your birthday? let me know.