Thursday, May 21, 2009


Dan took me away for a true, blue vacation. All we did was sit on our butts in the pool, soaking up the sun and eating chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Awesome. I got to sleep in every morning. The only draw back was having to sit in the pool next to Tamara who looks amazing with no makeup on, not to mention the long, skinny legs and naturally blonde hair. No Fair.
Dan and I were supposed to go to Costa Rica but because of the (you guessed it) Swine, stinkin, overratted, flu our trip was called off. Dan decided to take me to Hawaii instead of committing me to the mental institution. I sooooooo needed a break. Life has been Crazy. I know May is a killer for everyone. You'll have to check out the photography blog. I've been busy. After taking the red eye home we went straight to Chase's ball game. After watching his first game, Katelyn and I left for her National Competition were I sat and watched until 10:30 pm drove home. (Not quite sure how I made it home.) By the time I finally got into bed it was 12:00 am I had been up for 48 straight hours. Now I need another vacation. That is how my May has been. Going from one thing to the next.
Dan, Suzanna, Tamara and Dan. Some nice lady took this for us. We were really dark so I had to lighten us up. I was in to big of a hurry. It looks like we are glowing.

See what I mean having to sit by Tamara. We have had some fun experiences traveling together.

This is a view from our balcony. Right off the beach.

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