Monday, October 5, 2009

Katelyns New, Pink, Beach Cruiser June 2009

Katelyn, Bailey (Katelyn's friend) and I went to this cute boutique in June. We had so much fun seeing all the jewelry, hair bows, clothes and the cutest Beach Cruisers you've ever seen. So I bought one for Katelyn on the spot (she really needed a bike.) I needed Dans truck to get it home so I went to Scottie's house to pick it up and thought I would buy myself one too. Mine is cream and pink. After Katelyn and I rode all around Salem everyone was asking where we bought it. Katelyn's Aunt Abbie ended up buying one a couple months later. Hers is blue. They are so cute. If you want to get one call Scottie's Cruiser's or you can google it for the number. They come in all colors. I can't wait to take them to Bear Lake next year. We had a great time in June taking these pictures. I'm so far behind on posting. Oh Well. I will eventually get caught up someday.


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