Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lets get ready for some Baseball

Baseball. I thought I disliked that word. When Dan and I were first married, every weekend he would drag me to tournament after tournament so he could play. I couldn't understand the love he had for the game. He dragged me every where. All over Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho. ALL OVER TARNATION. The best part was I made some great friends, as I sat there watching him play every weekend. I thought baseball was Okay but didn't love it. I could have been doing a MILLION other things, I would have enjoyed more. Well, the years have passed and now I get to watch Chase play ball and I LOVE IT. Who would have thought. There is something very special for me to watch Dan coach Chase. I see that love Dan has for baseball come out into the kids. We have a great team and most important we are all friends. Life couldn't be sweeter.

Like Father Like Son.

I love this picture and the look on Brads face. It was intense, but he made it. With a slide and safe at home.

Every game the boys eat a bag of seeds each. I caught Ty in the action.

Parker Safe at Home Plate.

Kade-Mr Joe Cool kick en back waiting for his turn.
I tried to post some different shots, sense I'm sure there will be a ton of baseball to come.

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