Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mom is retired.

My mom retired. After 30 years of teaching. She finally hung up her whistle, turned out the lights and the left the building. I'm sure it's not going to be the last time she returns. She loves those kids and I bet she goes back to substitute. My sister Jessica, Chase and I drove down to southern utah and suprised her. Jess had a few tricks up her sleeve and we entertained the class a little while. We took her out to lunch at the Sagebrush Cafe. It was really good food. I love going home. Chase couldn't understand how I knew everyone. I never went to this elementary school, but Jessica did.

Mom whatcha going to do with all your free time? Travel, Garden, Read, and watch plenty of Baseball Games just to name a few.

Her last class.

Her last time taking her last class to lunch.

The school will seem empty with out her.

Where we ate lunch on Monroe mainstreet. Yes it could be out of an old western movie.

Another look at Monroe mainstreet.

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abbie higginson said...

She did it huh?! Where will she live now that she is retired? Do you think she will move up more this way? I also can't believe that she only has 15 students in her class! Wow - I would love that if our class sizes were that small. My kids would probably do much better will a little more attention!