Friday, June 25, 2010

Burrrrrr Lake

The kids love to go to Bear Lake. We have such a fun time staying with all the cousins on Dan's side. The water was frigid but the kids don't seem to mind. We stayed a full week. We watched the kids swim, play in the sand, miniature golf, swim, and miniature golf some more. Here are a few of the highlights:

The bike was so fun, (for the first 15 min.) by the time our hour was up, I was DEAD TIRED.

Chase jumping off the slide. No more of that little buddy.
Kristen and Katelyn coming in from riding the boat. If you look close you can see the goose bumps on their legs. Burrrrrrr.

Hurry Chase and get out of there. Hypothermia sets in in 15 minutes. I think there were still ice burgs floating in it. Bear Lake totally freezes over in the winter and they ice fish on it. No Lie.

Little Miss Molly and her polka dot sunglasses. She looked like the cutest little Hollywood starlet.

Alivia playing in the sand while Emma and Molly went to get water for there sand castle. She wasn't smiling for any pictures today. She had a job to do.
This little guy looks sweet, adorable and calm but he is his fathers son. Scott wasn't with us this trip because he was in Europe. Peyton here did his father proud by keeping us all on our toes. I was so tired at the end of everyday just watching Jessica try to keep up with this cute, little cyclone.

I think Jens got the wrong end of the stick. I bet his legs are blue from standing in that water to pitch the ball to Chase.

We just got back from Bear Lake. I call it Burrrr Lake because you get hypothermia if you step foot in the water. Here is a picture of 3 of my little nieces, Emma, Molly and Alivia. They are the cutest little chickadees. More to come.


Alli said...

I love all the fun pics of Brr Lake...isn't that true? That lake is so stinkin cold! Wish we could have been there. I loved the good old Bear Lake days. The thing I miss the most is the chocolate covered rasberries...YUM.

abbie higginson said...

Loved the pictures! I gotta get a copy of them.