Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Boy Turned Nine In July.

I'm alive. You won't believe this but my computer CRASHED. It was a sad, sad couple of weeks until I could get up and running again. I guess it couldn't take all the pictures I've been working on. Oh well I LOVE my new computer and they were able to save all my pictures I hadn't backed up yet.

Chases birthday party was a real hit. He invited 19 friends but two couldn't come, so we had a total of 17 friends at the birthday party. CRAZY LADY is right. I don't know how I survived. I guess it was the help of Dan, Mimi, Katelyn and Alli. Yes I made the birthday cake. I was so proud of myself. A week a head of the party Chase and I watched how to frost a birthday cake on the Internet. I really learned a lot. His cake turned out so cute and I made it a few days ahead and kept it in the fridge. It stayed moist and yummy. WaHoo. They played games, won prizes, opened presents and played fugitive with quite a few Dads in the neighborhood. The kids LOVE the game of fugitive. They played it all summer long. It all started with Katelyn's party. The "Cop" drops you off somewhere away from your house then the kiddos have to make it home, in the dark, before they are found by the cop who is patrolling in the car with flash lights. You have to use your brain and a lot of stealth. It doesn't hurt if your a fast runner. I think the Dads have just as much fun playing as the kids. The party lasted about 4 hours and later that night I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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