Tuesday, August 12, 2008

June- South Dakota Family Vacation

South Dakota was a huge hit with the family. We visited Mt. Rushmore (the President's Heads is what my family called it), with Mimi Simkins, and the Cloward Family. We rode the 1880's Train to Keystone and it felt just like going back in time to the gold rush. Little old men would be outside waving to you as you passed by their homes. They were even there an hour later when we went by again. (I wonder if that was their job.) he he. We rode into Deadwood and learned about it's deadly past with the out laws of the Wild Wild West. We even watched Wild Bill Hickok get shot in the back playing cards. Ok, so it was a reinactment, it sure felt real. We were able to see wild bears roam by the side of our car in Bear Country and we were in a terrible hail storm on June 1st. We didn't know until later that it was a tornado. Wow! We sure had a delayed freak out session. The hotel we stayed at was just outside of Custer State Park and across the street were The Flintstones. Ya Ba Da Ba Do. The Highlight of the trip was roasting smores INSIDE the resturant at the Cowboy Cafe. Chase askes daily when we are going back to South Dakota.


Mack said...

ah dude the bear rubbing his back is soo cool.

be blessed

Sofia said...

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Thanks for sharing your pictures! They're cool! I hope I can get to see a bear rubbing his back on a pole, too.