Thursday, August 14, 2008

Katelyn was pitcher on her softball team. They took 3rd in league and 4th place at STATE. It was the first time two teams from our city placed in the top four at STATE. The blue jays took 2nd place. She pitched game after game in the hot sun. I was so proud of her. When she puts her mind to something she is an unmovable force. That same week was Dance Tryouts. Katelyn would get up around 7:00 am go to dance, learn her routine, come home, change her clothes and we would drive to the ball park. She would play game after game, by the time she crawled in to bed it was about midnight. She would start it all over again the next day and this went on for three days. When the dance team list was posted on Friday. She made two teams higher then the one she tried out for. (This is only her second year in dance.) She had been so worried because she didn't get to practice her dances. When she found out she was amazed and giddy. Like I said "when she sets her mind on a goal, watch out!"

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The Higginson's said...

I am so excited for Katelyn! Making the dance team is quite the accomplishment. Congrats to her! She works really hard and it pays off. By the way, your blog is looking good! I love all the pictures on it.