Thursday, November 20, 2008

The anticipation is over

Twilight was awesome. I really liked it. I really liked Edward, Bella and James. Run to the movie theaters and get your tickets. Thanks to Melanie for setting everything up. It was another huge success. Dan and I went with Jess, Sean, Heidi, Aaron, Paisley and Craig. Yes we got the guys to go and they were not the only guys there. Yes they liked it, and yes they belined it for the car as fast as they could after. Dan had so much fun he left his vip card on. We got to see it at 7:00pm on Thursday the 20th. I just got back. Fun. Fun. Can't wait for NEW MOON. Hurry up.

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ja+4 said...

AAAAGGGGG! I can't believe I missed it!!!!! It looked soooo fun! You need to go out and buy more tickets for you and Dan and some for Jeff and me. I just read your comment to Jeff and he said, "Well hell, if Danny went and liked it, maybe I'll go and see it with you afterall". So, hurry, run get those tickets before he changes his mind!