Saturday, December 20, 2008

on the sixth day before Christmas

On the sixth day before Christmas the greatest gift would be WILD, CHRISTMAS PARTIES. Just like the one Katelyn and Chase had tonight with a few of their friends. We ate goodies and pizza, exchanged presents, watched Legally Blond (Bailey's idea, good grief no Christmas show.) and played some games. They played the best game ever. Who could wrap the presents the fastest with the less amount of tape and who had it looking good. Poor Brad and Chase wasn't to sure what to do. The reason it was the best game was I got some of my Christmas wrapped YIPEEE. Bailey was the fastest, Kaitlin Adams present looked the best and Kristin did it with the least amount of tape. While Alli's was best shape and Katelyns was most creative. We weren't quite sure what it was supposed to be. Brad was the fastest and Chase was very creative. It must run in the family. Like sister, like brother. They need to practive wrapping. No worries I have plenty.

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