Friday, December 5, 2008


Our first date Dan took me to the Homestead in Midway. We dressed up and doubled with Cory and Jenny. (Who I might add are happily married to Rob and Nicelle.)
I'm not sure if the Homestead is even the same anymore but, it was are special place.
Our engagement picture. (I'm sitting here laughing my guts out.) I borrowed the shirt to match Dans from one of his brothers and the pants didn't even fit they were also to big. Did you see how I turned up the bottom of my pants. (So 90's) Not to mention the beautiful BIG HAIR.

I always tell my brides to wear something that will be timeless not trendy. Why? Take a look at these. OH YA! They can learn from my fashion mistakes. These pictures still mean alot to me. They still make me smile.

My cake with my precious moments dolls. (Crazy funny), Wow do you think the styles have changed any?

I couldn't resist putting this one in.

This is my favorite wedding picture.

Happy 16 years Dan. Wow, we really shouldn't have been married at 14 years old. (he he)
Dan and I have now been married 16 years. Here our some pictures that will take us back down memory lane. Look at his brothers Joel and Scott and my sister Jessica. I think they may have changed a little. The day I said "I DO" was one of the best days of my life.
Together, we have made dreams come true. You are my life, my love and my future. I LOVE YOU. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.


jenae nae said...

these pictures are great- isn't it funny to see us long ago... and we just knew we looked sooo good then huh? ha ha congrats on 16 years!

Higginson Family said...

Congrats on 16 years together! I love all the pictures they are great. Love you guys

Amy said...

This is a great post! I love the big train and the even bigger it brings back some good memories. I remember driving to your reception in a blizzard. Congrats on 16 years!

jandganderson said...

How fun is it to look at all those pictures! Elli said, "what is dad's hair doing?" I love looking at your blog you are so savvy with all this blog stuff! even the music is so darn cute! I need help I can hardly comb my hair, my blog is pretty sad and way behind.. You inspire me! congrats on the new addition in the fam! Love you girl! merry christmas!!