Wednesday, January 28, 2009



I'm so behind on my pictures. We went sledding during the Christmas holiday and had so much fun. We took Bailey and Brad with us. The story behind the sleds. I went EVERYWHERE looking for sleds. If anyone has ever tried to find a sled right after Christmas they know what I'm talking about. After about the 5th store, I was walking out of big five. I had a sponge bob, water boogie board, in hand, and there in the window were two snow sleds. YAHOO! I returned sponge bob and bought the very last two snow sleds in the whole county. When Dan got home we loaded up and went sledding. Well after all the pain of walking, driving, fighting crowds, parking I indured, you look at the pictures and we didn't need a snow sled after all. Body sledding is the newest CRAZE who new.

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