Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chase is Baptized

This was the invitation to Chases Baptism. I folded it on the black line. This is what was on the inside with the black part sticking out.
This was the front of the program I made for his Baptism.

This was the other side with all the information on it.

Chase was baptized today and it was such a special day. He was surrounded by family and friends who love him. It was such a nice program and his father gave him the best blessing. I'm so thankful for Chase and my family. I feel my life is so blessed to be surrounded with family and friends who love us and support us. Thanks everyone for all you do for us. Katelyn talked on Baptism and she did a great job. Grandpa Duane talked on the Holy Ghost and he did a super job too. Thanks it made it so personal and memorable. Chase is such a great son. I love you little buddy. We are so proud of you.


Andee said...

Suzanna, I'm not so sure you need any help or advice from me......Look at you, you are doing amazing stuff! This is sooooo adorable (I may have to copy) :) My son Ethan gets baptised this year! This would be so fun to do!!! You really are doing a great job. Keep it up!

Claudissima said...

Wow already 8? It seems like just yesterday! He is soo handsome...but has a very unique "goodness" quality about him. You should be sooo very proud to have such a little one and your family being a good example to him. Congratulations on your little one, what a great milestone. I have not had a computer lately, but finally got caught up...great posts...great photos...I will see you next time I come up....when>>>who knows....