Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Little Miss July 31, 2009

Katelyn was crowned by last years Little Miss Kristen Young. It was so special because Kristen is one of Katelyns best friends.
First Attn.- Callie Peterson, Queen- Katelyn Higginson, and Second Attn.- Sariah Lee who is also one of Katelyns friends and in our same ward. Very beautiful, talented girls.

Yes, Katelyn won! Wow! We are so excited. She worked so hard practicing for the Little Miss Pageant and she WON. She danced to "It's raining men" and she could not have done it any better. It was choreographed by Diana Brandon and she was AMAZING to get Katelyn ready in two weeks, learning the dance and cleaning it. We were cutting it really close and ordered her talent outfit on Monday the 27th. She had dance tryouts with Esprit De Corp Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Lisa Anderson being the great designer and seamstress got her costume done Thursday night. We picked it up at 10:00p.m. after dress rehearsal. The Pageant was Friday. She looked gorgeous on stage and the costume was PERFECT. Phew. We were so proud of her. She is so cool and collected on stage, even though her stomach was so sick. (I told her not to eat that hamburger at 12:00 a.m. the night before). Katelyn is such a sweet, beautiful, caring girl. She was so excited but she felt bad for those that didn't win. Now that's a beautiful girl inside and out. We love you Katelyn and our so proud of you. Congratulations.

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house fly said...

congrates katelyn!!! do me a favor and put a 9v battery on your tounge. :) hope you had a great summer! see ya in 7th grade