Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday Katelyn November 3, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Bugs.

Yes, I'm finally posting Katelyn's (now a teenager pictures). Katelyn is truly the best daughter. She is so loving and helpful. I thank God every day. He blessed our lives by sending her to us. We have so much fun together and I love that she lets me hang around with her and all her fun girlfriends.
I can't believe she is a teenager. She very rarely has those teen age moments and when she does they are usually provoked. Wow. Where did the time go.
Looking back through the years, here is a list of Katelyn's top 10 favorite things.
1. Teletubbies. He O. I could not stand them, but she absolutely loved them and I had to watch them every morning. Ugh. How I lived through that I will never know.
2. Bugs. She loved bugs. Bugs of any shape and species. This is how she came by her nick name Katie bugs. You would always see her with some kind of bug crawling on her or in her hands. Yes, even holding a snake. YIKES (Sometimes I wonder where she came from.)
3. Her Daddy. From the first moment he put on her little Dallas Cowboy onesie, she has been a fan. She knows she has her dad wrapped around her little finger.
4. Friends. She has always been a social butterfly. She loves her friends and can't ever have enough.
5. Steak with soy sauce. Her very favorite meal.
6. Animals. She loves animals and her dream finally came true last Christmas when Santa (the old goon) finally brought her a dog and she named him Frosty.
7. Hawaii. She absolutely loves swimming and sunbathing. Okay just swimming she was born a fish.
8. Ice Cream. Katelyn loves ice cream. Even though it makes her stomach deathly sick to eat it. She loves it.
9. Softball. She looks forward to warmer weather so she can play softball. If you ask her there is nothing better then hearing 1..2..3 strikes your OUT. She is a pitcher for her softball team.
10. Entrepreneur. Katelyn loves starting up new businesses. Her latest adventure is Lady Bug Retreat day spa. Believe it or not it's been a success. Thanks to all her many friends. I admit she is really good at doing acrylic nails. I will post a picture later. I have been impressed.
Katelyn is the light and joy of my life. I love her very much she is such a great daughter. She is very good about helping me with my photography business, even though I drive her completely nuts. Thanks Katelyn for being you.


Alli said...

Suzanna you out did yourself with this darling Birthday Party! She is the luckiest girl and I loved that you made the cake yourself. I am the same way I alway think I can do it myself...I think that is what makes the cake special, right? Love the old car! Is that Nicole V's? My brother is her neighbor and I wan't to steal it every time I drive by it. Great pics.

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