Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The pretty, party girls. Wow what a day. Read on for a good laugh and more about Katelyns party.
This little bad boy is Katelyn's birthday party invitation. I put some hot pink glitter on the crown and some black glitter on the mask. It turned out so cute. The glitter added so much. This is Katelyn's last year for a big birthday bash so I wanted to make it perfect for her. Her colors were hot pink, white and black. I wrapped the table in the cutest black and white wrapping paper. I wrapped her presents in coordinating wrapping paper with different kinds of bows. I then went around my house in search of items I could use on the table to showcase everything.

THE CAKE UGGHHHH.... Here is a picture of the cake I wanted to make. I took it down to Grandma Julies house to show everyone and my sister in law Whitney started to laugh. I know I'm not a chef by any means of the imagination, but I really thought I could do it. Whitney had to tell me the name of the stuff that makes the cake so smooth and where I could buy it. Well I started to second guess myself and thought I would pay someone to make it. They wanted $300 dollars for a cake. Hello you eat it and poop it out. I couldn't even think about pooping out $300 dollars. So I jumped in bought the crap and brewed up the cake.

Here is my cake I made for Katelyn (below).

Are you just dying. I put the cakes in the refrigerator overnight, brought them out the next day and started with the smooth crap I can't even remember the name of. (Which turned my hand black and then purple, which is the color it remained for about a week.) Decided I didn't have all day to mess with the smooth crap and ran to the grocery store to by frosting. Started to frost the cake then added each layer. By the time I got to the top it started to leannnnnnnnn. So I tried to very carefully push it back on top. Then is started to crumble, so I added more frosting. Which started to gloop and slide down the side of the cake. My friend Heidi came to see my creation and when she stopped laughing came up with an idea to use a knife to prop it up. You can see the knife if you look at the picture of Katelyn blowing out her candles. Anyway, Katelyn felt so bad for me because I worked on it, and planned it for so long just to have it ooze down in back. She came up with a story to tell everyone so I wouldn't feel bad. She told her friends she was dancing and did a kick and accidentally hit the cake. Is that the sweetest thing. I couldn't let her take the fall for my failure so I came clean. I told her she has a great story to tell her kids one day. Did I mention her invitations were so cute.

I cannot cook and sometimes I cannot bake, but I think I can decorate.

Just in vision what the cake could have looked like.

Look close you can see the knife in the back. I do love this picture of Katelyn blowing out her candles.

Katelyn's girlfriends had her wrapped up just like a present.

All the left over Halloween candy was gone in seconds. I think Bailey ate a whole bag by herself. Where does that girl put it. She must have a hollow leg.

Shayla's mom Cindy made this sign for Katelyn and gave it to her along with a present. The sign was to die for. WE LOVED IT. I put the sign to very good use. Of course I hung it up and took the girls pictures in front of it. You can order one for any occasion just go to or just click on the link. Thank you Shayla and Cindy it was AWESOME.

Notice the sign in the back.

There were 16 girls invited to the party and 15 who could come. We only had one broken ankle, (which turned out to be a bad sprain thank goodness.) 5 devoured pizzas, 2 gallons of pop gone, 1 goopy cake eaten, (they all said it tasted great. YEA.) 3 big bags of candy eaten, wrapping paper all over creation, 1 big hole in the wall, noise level above 89 decimals, 15 smiley faces, 100 pictures taken, oh ya can't forget cops called and sent out to church location. (NO Lie). 2 scary boys smokin SOMETHIN. 1 adult to handle all these situations, the party was 7 hours long, a movie, the game fugitive, presents, laughter, so much fun. Whew. I'm done.


katelyn said...

ha ha that cake was the best ha ha :) that was a way fun party ha ha it was the best!!!! your the best mom anyone could ever have!!!!:) love you mom and LOVE your blog:) :) :) :)

raprettyman said...

Suzi! I so loved your cake story! I make my kids cakes every year out of necessity because of food allergies and understand your pain. One year a friend made them for me as her gift for the kids and they were so gorgeous!
The party looked amazing. I'd like to do something like that for Ivy.
Keep up the great and amazing and creative photography!

Krumpets Designs said...

yes, my love, you can decorate! And- I love that Katelyn loves you so much she was really taking the blame... man, what is wrong with my kids?

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