Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Synergy Worldwide Costa Rica Jan. 31- Feb 7, 2010

Leaving a legacy for a special school in Costa Rica. The distributors and Synergy gave this lucky school some much needed supplies. The kids and teachers were so very grateful.

Here is a little sample of some of the 354 pictures I took in Costa Rrrrrica. (Done with a Spanish accent.) We had such a great time. For those of you that didn't earn the trip. You better work your little tushies off so you can go to Hawaii in 2011. Here are the pale faces of Dan and I. You better view these pictures with some sunglasses on because of the white glare you will see. I was so worried about ruining my skin I think I returned the same shade I left. Thanks to the 90 percent sunscreen I used. I didn't even know it came that high.
Our hotel from the back. It was beautiful and the beds were huge and so comfy. I had a hard time getting up every morning.

The view from my balcony was truly amazing.

Yummy, dinner! The first night we ate a true blue Costa Rican dinner. It was tasty. I however had a hard time eating the poor pig. I don't do very good when the meat resembles an animal. I do much better when you just have some slices on your plate every morning for breakfast with a huge Belgium waffle. Like Tyler R. and I did every morning.

We ate lunch at this place and it was beautiful. Everywhere they took us for lunch after the activities had these breathtaking views. Sorry you can't see it here.

I had to share this picture because I loved it.

The monkeys came out to eat while we were in the ocean swimming. I had to hurry out snatch my camera and take a few gazillion pictures.

Nicole and I at the final dinner. I have every one's picture so if you want it, you should leave me a comment.

I have a ton of sunset shots but these were some of my favorites. Hope you like.

We had such a wonderful time. Send the link to your friends and get them motivated for next year. We want everyone to join in on the fun. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. It was really fun to get to know you a little better. Hope to see you all in Hawaii next year. Maui here we come.


Nicole said...

Yeah! I was so excited for you to post your pictures! Mine are still on my camera so I haven't seen them in full size yet! We had such a blast there with you, Dan and everyone! I love the pictures you took! I think my favorite one is you in the hammock! What a cute picture! I'm sure you set that one up! Or maybe it was Dan, the budding photographer! :o) The picture of us is a good one too! Thanks for the fun times and for getting so many good shots! I knew if I missed one, you'd have gotten it!

jenae nae said...

oh my gosh... beautiful place! I am jealous! you look great so pure and white!