Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Valentines Day / Spring

Valentines Day came and went. Poor Katelyn and I spent the day in bed with the Valentine flu. YUCK. It actually lasted for four days. Luckily Chase and Dan didn't get it. They were down in Mesquite with some friends. Katelyn and I had to fend for ourselves. When I started to feel better. I made these cute Valentines for the family. Needless to say only four lucky family members received it. I'm not telling who. Only they know. I had them in my car waiting to take them around to everyone. Then one by one they got opened up some how and eat in a little at a time.

Holy Cow, time flies by so swiftly sometimes. Since March is here and I feel like ushering in Spring. I have come up with a new resolution. I'm going to try and blog something everyday, or at least every other day. Since Spring is like awakening from a long winter hibernation. I'm going to awaken and renew with keeping up on my blog. I have been so busy taking all kinds of fun different photos. I can't wait to share.


Nicole said...

Good day I picked to check your blog because today's the day you updated it! You crack me up- making the Valentine's and the only giving away four of them because the rest somehow got eaten! I've done that before! I'm excited for you to start posting more (Hey- who am I to talk?!) and I can't wait to see the new pics you've taken!

abbie higginson said...

Well all I know is that WE DID NOT recieve a valentine goodie bag!

katelyn said...

sorry abbie...your not the favorite... we as usual got one hand delivered! ha ha (not)
cute cute cute ideas!