Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blowing Bubblegum Bubbles

I recently had my sisters kids staying with me for a week. We had so much fun. I love it when they come and stay. I am so lucky to have great nieces and nephews. I love them all. Carter wanted to know how to blow bubbles with the bubble gum. So of course Aunt Suzie had some bubble gum stashed away and we tried to teach Carter how to blow bubbles. He did a pretty good job for his first try. Anna had a little photo shop help and Chase supplied the bubble. Mason was a little frustrated that he couldn't blow a bubble, but I loved his picture the best with the big alligator tears. We really did have a fun time.

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abbie higginson said...

Chase looks exactly like Danny in the picture where he has the big bubble. I can't believe how much they look alike!