Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Big Party

I wanted Chases 8th birthday party to be extra special and perfect. I started it off by making the cutest birthday invitations online. They didn't get here in time. They are still not here. Then I stayed up until one in the morning baking and designing his cake. It took me four hours and I loved how it turned out. I have to say it was so cute. Well, after I got up early to make Chase breakfast in bed, (which he didn't receive in bed because he got up so darn early), I went to pick up some things for the party. When I got home the four hour cake had been messed with. Yes, the birthday boy took off the cover I had on it which knocked off the cowboy and the top of the icing then he put it back on. Not in the same place so there was a big hole. I didn't even get a picture of it before the accident. I fixed it the best I could and then took the pictures before anything else happened to it. Then when Chase was opening presents I couldn't find Dan so I ran around trying to find him. I finally called him on his cell phone and he was outside. When I got back to the living room I missed Chase opening his presents from our family. I swear it was one thing that went wrong after the next. I guess it was just one of those days. C'est la Vie (that's life.) The boys didn't care and everyone had a great time. They played some games, won some prizes, opened presents, ate cake, played wuffel ball and then we took all 15 kids home. That wasn't counting adults. I was totally exhausted. I'm still recovering. Chase had a great day thanks to all his friends who were able to come. Chase made this birthday unforgettable for me. I will always remember. The four hour cake disaster. I love you Chase and I hope you think your 8th birthday was extra special.The picture with Chase, Katelyn and I sums the day up. Wild! Happy Birthday.

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