Friday, July 17, 2009

Chases Big 8 Birthday

Chase 8 years ago I became a mother for the second time and you filled my heart with such love and joy. My prayers were answered and I was able to have another beautiful child. You will never know how happy you made me. We didn't think we would be able to have another child and we had our adoption papers turned in. I had a feeling there was a little boy waiting to come to our family. I couldn't explain it to the social worker on our case but it was an overwelming feeling. Two months went by and we found out I was expecting. Four months later we found out it was going to be a boy. You were strong and healthy and I was deathly sick everyday for nine months. I wouldn't have traded that for anything.

We had you home for less then 24 hours when you had to go back into the hospital because you had an infection and had a soaring fever. After one agonizing week driving back and fourth to the hospital everyday to be with you and help you recover we were able to take you home on July 24, 2001. You never required very much sleep and were off and running by 7 months old and still haven't stopped.

The top ten things I love about Chase:

1. His love of life.

2. His laughter and cute little voice always telling me he loves me.

3. His excitement for sports.

4. His love for his sister.

5. His kindness to everyone and his ability to make friends easily.

6. His energy.

7. His loyalty.

8. His love for Christmas.

9. His lovable nature. Yet always keeps you on your feet.

But my very favorite.
10. He is my little snuggle buddy. He loves to snuggle. No matter who he sleeps with. Sister, Cousins, Mom and Dad he is right next to you snuggled in for the whole night. You don't get much sleep but I wouldn't change that about you for anything. You make me so proud and I love you so very much. Thanks for making my life so rewarding.

Happy Birthday Chase. We love you.

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