Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our New Colt Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire. Katelyn named our new little colt. He is so darn cute. Funny story- you see Dan thought Ginger (the mother) was not feeling well and was so bloated he thought she had some illness. When he was in Europe he received a text that said, "I looked out the window and before you had five horses now you have six." Surprise! Ginger was expecting. I guess a stud had gotten lose and jumped the fence. So now we have another pet. Great. If Katelyn had her way we would be living on a farm.

This is Katelyn and her horse Moonlight Whisper. Moonlight is such a beautiful horse but she is still a little green. Katelyns dream would be to ride Moonlight Whisper in the fiesta days rodeo as the rodeo queen. Ya never know it might happen. Keep on dreamin.

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abbie higginson said...

the colt is so cute. we'll have to go up and see it in person.