Friday, July 17, 2009

Circleville 4th of July

Did you know the famous Butch Cassidy grew up in Circleville. He did and it was so fun for the kids to walk around his place and feel the outlaw spirit. Katelyn went to peek inside the house and was suprised to see a bat flying at her. She yelled like a girl and all of them ran from the house. The rest of us were laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our faces.

Uncle Roger and his shiny, "just like new (Paint) tractor".

Chase won his race but it was close. The rest were far behind. Run Chase Run.

My moms old highschool. I loved it for pictures. It was like stepping back in time.

Katelyn had about had it with me taking pictures. It doesn't show does it. he he. Here is Delberts store. He was always a colorful, old man.

These store fronts are in someone's back yard. It looks just like an old western. They are really little buildings that hold antiques and are used for what they say on the front. I had a great time driving the kids crazy around this place. Chase belined it outta there but Katelyn stayed, bless her little heart.

My little anna she is "Pretty as a Princess".

The Circleville 4th of July. There is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart when I round the bend and drive into Circleville. All my wonderful, childhood memories come flooding back. Like the time we would catch tadpoles and frogs from the big pond, swimming down the canal and jumping in from a rope swing, riding horses, running races and the time Cousin Tim put me on a cow to ride. I could go on and on. It was so fun for me to take my kids back and show them where I spent my summers. Circleville is magical for me and it hasn't changed a bit. Thank you Aunt Bev for bringing us all back and putting on such a fantastic reunion. There was only two things missing Nana and Poppy (my grandparents), but I can still feel them there. My heart was filled with Joy.

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